Yesterday, Friday 25th September, 193 world leaders met in New York to commit to the new Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Also known as the Global Goals, the SDGs are a set of ambitious and universal targets that define the development priorities for the next fifteen years. The aim of the Global Goals is to end extreme poverty, fight inequality and tackle climate change by 2030.

However, the goals will only be met if world leaders are held accountable for delivering on their promises – and the best chance of that is if everyone on the planet knows about the goals. That’s why Richard Curtis, leading screenwriter, producer and film director, founded Project Everyone. The simple but mighty ambition of Project Everyone is to share the Global Goals with 7 billion people in 7 days, following their announcement at United Nations Summit. Today is day 1 of 7.

The next few days have lots in store; the goals will be plastered all over every website, TV station, cinema, school, radio station, newspaper, magazine, billboard, newsletter, noticeboard, pinboard, milk carton and mobile phone. From Radio Everyone, the worlds largest Lesson, global cinema advertisements and world’s leading brands, by the end of the week (almost) everyone should have heard about the new Global Goals!

However, as brilliant as a team Richards Curtis and Project Everyone are, they cannot make the goals famous without your help. So I urge you now to head to the Global Goals website and share the goal that resonates most with you. Don’t forget to use the #TellEveryone and tag @TheGlobalGoals!


If you have any further questions on Project Everyone or The Global Goals, do not hesitate to contact Emily on [email protected].