We are all familiar with the negative stereotypes around overseas aid: that charity should begin at home; that money is wasted or lost through corruption; and that nothing ever appears to get better. And we know that challenging these ideas with facts doesn’t always help, people often select the facts they rely on based on their own beliefs. Strong public support for international development creates an environment in which organisations like RESULTS can more effectively influence those in power. So can we do anything to help? On Tuesday 10th November, we were joined by Alice Delemare from Bond who shared a new piece of research called The Narrative Project which:

  • Shows how public support for international development has been changing
  • Examines the different kinds of audience that campaigners can reach
  • Explores their attitudes, beliefs and motivations
  • Sets out the ideas and language that appeals to them most.

To find out more about what she had to say, listen to the recording below: http://momentum.adobeconnect.com/p4a8mrdhh6k/ If you would like more information about The Narrative Project or guidance on how you can make use of the findings in your campaigning, feel free to contact Tom at [email protected] or call the office on 0207 7933970.