At our recent National Conference, we reminded ourselves that this year, it’s the 30th anniversary of RESULTS’ advocacy work in the UK, helping to keep the UK government’s eye firmly on the need reduce global poverty, working towards health, education and economic opportunities for all.

To mark the occasion, veteran RESULTS campaigner Sanjay Vaja from Macclesfield recited this amazing poem!



For thirty years, RESULTS has been going,

All the while letters, from campaigners have been flowing.

It seems a good time, to write a little rhyme,

To talk about RESULTS, and why we’re so fine.


For most of the years, we were led by Sheila,

Her dedication was immense, to our goal we are nearer.

In our current director, lots of passion you can see,

Our future is exciting, directed by Aaron Oxley.


Those who are new may wonder what we do,

Let me give you a gist with an example for you.

TB is a problem for the whole world, you see,

It targets the weak, those with HIV.


You can’t ignore TB, that is what we say,

To MPs, the World Bank, and all in our way.

Someone from TB every 30 seconds will die,

It’s curable and cheap, ‘act now’ we cry.


RESULTS gives you training, support and advice,

With key facts and information, people think we are wise.

We learn about an issue, our guests they get a grilling,

They love what we do, they’re amazed we’re so willing.


Letters to the media, go on the radio to speak,

For quite a lot of people, their knees just go weak.

It can be quite a challenge, and yes there’s a buzz,

Millions more children, are alive thanks to us.


There are others in the field, so what sets us apart,

We meet people directly, and appeal to their hearts.

Articles in the media, they play a vital part,

But face to face meetings, is where transformation starts.


Our decision makers at first, dutiful they are,

Over time we hope to turn them into proactive little stars.

We offer our support, we don’t go to them to vent,

They’ll ring us for help, ask questions in Parliament.


Most people deep down, also want to see,

A much fairer world, and no poverty.

Some hide it well, and put up a good fight,

We give them the courage, to do what is right.


At RESULTS we support, whoever makes decisions,

To ensure that their policies, tie in with our vision.

Tackling poverty you know, it makes total sense,

It takes more than words, and more than a few pence.


When decision makers, finally do agree,

It then gets written, into policy.

For us that is only, just the very start,

To make sure it happens, that is now our part.


To tackle extreme poverty, takes dedication and focus,

You can’t just wave a wand, or add some hocus pocus.

I know that we are strong, whether one voice or together,

Soon we’ll consign poverty, to history books forever.


Sixteen thousand children, aged 5 and under,

Die every day, it really makes you wonder.

The number seems quite high, but it’s dropped by two thirds,

So you see ending poverty, it isn’t that absurd.


It doesn’t matter who you are, or what the hour,

YOU make a difference, within YOU is the power.

So don’t give up hope, just keep battling away,

And know deep inside, we’ll end poverty one day.