Last year, tuberculosis surpassed HIV as the world’s leading infectious killer. Whilst the impact of the epidemic is felt most acutely in developing countries, TB rates are on the rise in the west, including here in the UK and in London especially – the former TB capital of Western Europe. Two health professionals on the frontline of the fight against the disease in London are Jess and Sue, a doctor and nurse, each with over ten years experience providing treatment and care for TB patients across the UK. 

This week, RESULTS are joining Jess and Sue on a trip to Cambodia, a country with a case rate over 32 times greater than the UK and a long history of battling multiple epidemics. Throughout the week, Jess and Sue will be teaming up with Cambodian health professionals to diagnose and treat TB amongst some of the country’s poorest communities, and learn how resources from The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB and Malaria have helped Cambodia get the epidemic under control.

To find out more about them and what they’ll be up to, check out the first of a series of video diaries that will be featured on the RESULTS blog throughout the week.

Meet Sue


Meet Jess



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