LONDON, 27 April 2017: In response to the International Development Committee’s letter to Secretary of State Priti Patel on DFID’s work on education, RESULTS UK’s Head of Parliamentary Advocacy, Lucy Drescher, said:

“We welcome the Committee’s recommendation for DFID to produce a new strategy outlining its approach to global education. Currently, 250 million children and young people are out of school. While DFID has shown that it is a world leader on education, more must be done to ensure that every child has access to a quality education, in line with the UK’s commitment to Sustainable Development Goal 4.”

“Despite its central importance in global development, education remains critically underfunded. We welcome the Committee’s call for DFID to commit to increasing spending on education – in particular, maintaining or increasing funding for the Global Partnership for Education (GPE).

“We support the Committee’s recommendation that DFID should prioritise investment in government education systems over low-fee private schools. We urge DFID to strengthen public education systems by continuing to invest in the GPE.

“Sadly, millions of children are still excluded from education systems and children with disabilities are among those left furthest behind. We welcome the Committee’s call for DFID to put greater emphasis on the provision of quality education for children with disabilities and other marginalised groups.

“This letter indicates that there is strong cross-party support for increased spending on global education and targeted investment in reaching the most vulnerable children. The UK must continue to stand up for inclusive and equitable education for all.”

Notes to the Editor:

For further information, please contact Lucy Drescher, Head of Parliamentary Advocacy on [email protected] or 020 7793 3970.

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