MILAN, 4 November 2017: RESULTS UK welcomes the pledges made at the Global Nutrition Summit in Milan on 4 November to address malnutrition, totalling US $3.4 billion. These included financial pledges by philanthropic organisations from donor and high-burden countries, civil society, and the World Bank. The United Kingdom’s Department for International Development also announced a full unlock of its 2013 Nutrition for Growth matched funds (£280 million) at this summit.

RESULTS UK Executive Director, Aaron Oxley said:

“We must maintain the momentum generated by events such as the Milan Summit on nutrition. The funding levels needed to address malnutrition cannot be reached with donor-led Official Development Assistance alone, nor can we beat this solely with domestic budgets that are already under pressure to promote and sustain economic and social development. But Peru’s success shows us that we can make tremendous strides when concerted efforts are aligned across stakeholders and the right investments are made.”

Hundreds of millions of individuals still suffer from the devastating physical and intellectual consequences of poor nutrition, and every third person is malnourished. Despite growing focus on this global challenge, the world is off-track to meet the Global Goal to end malnutrition in all its forms by 2030.

Ending malnutrition requires high level political will and leadership, increased and rapid investments, expansion of evidence-based and integrated nutrition solutions, prioritisation of the most vulnerable, and improved data and monitoring for accountability.


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