A recording of the January grassroots conference call is now available. We were joined on the call by Nafisa Baboo, Senior Advisor on Inclusive Education at Light for the World, an international disability and development organisation which works for an inclusive society where no one is left behind. They strive for accessible eye care services and support inclusive education, empowering people with disabilities to participate equally in society. 

Nafisa is a qualified speech-language therapist and audiologist, with a Masters in Inclusive Education focused on the inclusion of blind students in regular schools. Over the past 16 years, she has used her professional qualifications and life experience as a woman with a disability from the Global South to research and advise on inclusive education policies and practices; to advocate for the rights of children with disabilities and people with disabilities in general; and to train teachers, education officials and communities on aspects of inclusive education. 

Nafisa shared with us her expert knowledge of the impact of educational exclusion on children with disabilities, the challenges and benefits of enabling them to attend school, and her personal passion for education as the best way out of poverty.