A recording of the April grassroots conference call is now available. This month, we were joined by Seb Meaney, Head of UK Strategy within the Resource Mobilisation & Private Sector Partnerships team for Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, based in Geneva. Seb has previously worked at the UK Department for International Development and has been with Gavi for 2 years. He is responsible for relationships with the UK government, Civil Society Organisations, philanthropy and private sector, as well as ensuring long-term engagement of all UK stakeholders for Gavi’s mission.

In advance of World Immunisation Week 2018, the theme of which this year is ‘Protected Together: #VaccinesWork’, Seb spoke of the UK’s role in ensuring that all children everywhere receive all the World Health Organisation recommended vaccines. World Immunisation Week celebrates the millions of lives that have been saved by vaccines, but it’s also an important opportunity to urge greater action on immunisation and promote the use of vaccines to protect the still 19 million unvaccinated or under-vaccinated children around the world.