A recording of the August grassroots conference call is now online. This month, we were joined by Annalisa Prizzon, Senior Research Fellow within the Development Strategy and Finance Programme at the Overseas Development Institute. Annalisa holds a PhD in Economics and Public Finance with a focus on external debt sustainability in low-income countries and currently leads research on country financing strategies and transition finance. 

Annalisa explained why transition, the process in which funding from international development donors to new Middle-Income Countries (MICs) changes or reduces, must be effectively planned for and managed sustainably. Many international development donors rely solely on economic indicators to determine whether a country is eligible for financial support, which is a shaky measure for development and can hide existing inequalities on the ground. Drawing on examples from her own research, Annalisa outlined how transition can occur sustainably and why this process must be inclusive of civil society. 

If you’d like to find out more or get involved with this important campaign, take a look at our August action materials to see how you can help ensure that we don’t lose some of incredible progress that has been made around the world in recent years.