A recording of the January grassroots conference call is now online. To kick off 2019, we were joined by Paul Abernethy, who leads the political advocacy of Bond and works with parliamentarians in support of ending global poverty.

Paul explained that the UK is currently reviewing its progress towards achieving the 17 Global Goals, or the Sustainable Development Goals, through a process known as the Voluntary National Review (VNR). The Global Goals were agreed in 2015 by all 194 UN Member States and are a set of bold aspirations that all countries hope to achieve by 2030, such as ending extreme poverty, achieving gender equality and tackling climate change.

The VNR this year is an important opportunity for the UK to set out its contributions towards all of the 17 Global Goals, and will be reporting on both domestic and international activity. Through UK aid, the UK is making an enormous impact around the world. But, there is always room for improvement. The VNR is an important opportunity to learn from other countries and ensure the UK is doing as much as possible towards achieving the Global Goals and ending extreme poverty by 2030.

Take a listen and find out how you can get involved in making the VNR a success to ensure we achieve the Global Goals by 2030.