Last night’s monthly conference call discussed something a bit different: how to influence the World Bank’s financing of human development, including vital nutrition programmes.

As well as funding its own nutrition programmes, the UK Government is the biggest financial contributor to ‘IDA’, the International Development Association, the mechanism through which the World Bank funds programmes in some of the world’s poorest countries, through grants and low-interest loans. Using its influence at the World Bank, the UK can help steer the priorities and policies of the Bank to ensure a strong focus on ‘human capital’ – investing in people through health, nutrition and education, enabling economies to grow.

This month, we were joined by World Bank advocacy guru Xochitl Sanchez, Senior Advisor at the ACTION Global Health Advocacy Partnership, who took us through the intricacies of how the Bank works with countries to fund and advise on development priorities.

This month’s campaign action is to write to the new UK Executive Director to the World Bank, asking him to use his influence to ensure more IDA funding goes to human development priorities such as the Nutrition for Growth (N4G) agenda. 

We also discussed the new Secretary of State’s appointment, and what it might mean for the UK’s approach to aid and international development.

You can listen to the call and find all the links referred to in the discussion here.