Thanks so much to Chris Dendys (pictured), nutrition advocacy expert and Excecutive Director of RESULTS Canada for joining us on the network-wide conference call this month. We explored how nutrition underpins so many of the Sustainable Development Goals, and how investing in nutrition can have wide-ranging health and economic benefits for individuals and communities.

We also discussed the opportunity this year’s Nutrition For Growth ‘pledging moment’ presents for tackling different forms of malnutrition, and why the UK’s role is so important to help leverage support for good nutrition globally.

In February we’re asking you to write to Secretary of State for International Development (now Anne-Marie Trevelyan), asking her to pledge £800 million per year for the period 2021-25, and to ask Prime Minister Boris Johnson to show political leadership by attending the pledging event in Tokyo in July.

Find out more about the campaign and how take action.

Watch the call back here:


Resources mentioned on the call:

London Group meet-up and quiz on 12 February

Advocacy training in London on 7 March

Sarah Champion (newly elected Chair of the International Development Committee) writes about why she cares about ending poverty. She mentiones a visit to Uganda which was organised by RESULTS UK.

January’s conference call on the DFID’d support for global vaccination