A huge thank you to everyone who attended this year’s National Conference on 12 and 13 September – our first ever virtual conference! With so many global challenges and uncertainty ahead, it was great to be able to reflect together and share our achievements, hopes and ideas. It’s been a tough year, with the COVID-19 pandemic emphasising the need for solidarity and for fair global systems that are fit for purpose.

Access to quality healthcare and education, the opportunity to make a decent living and to live free from oppression – it has become clearer than ever that these needs are intimately connected, and not to be taken for granted. With just 10 years to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, a looming recession on the horizon, and a climate emergency that hasn’t gone away, the pressure is on to build a world that is fairer and more resilient.

There’s no doubt that these challenges to RESULTS’ work have felt very personal too. The pandemic has been on our doorstep and is affecting people close to us. But the need in the world for advocacy – using our voices to create change – is urgent, and is not going away any time soon. As campaigners, we too will need to be resilient, and this weekend, we reflected together, showed solidarity with each other and those we work with around the world, and explored our roles and purpose in all of this.

We were blessed to hear from some wonderful, inspiring speakers who brought these topics to life. Below are recordings of the main conference sessions, for those who were unable to join us – we hope you’ll be inspired too! The resources mentioned in each video are linked to in its description box.

The full agenda and speaker biographies are here. If you would like to leave us some feedback on any of the sessions or the conference as a whole, please fill in the Evaluation Form.


An introduction to RESULTS UK

Dela Anderson, Campaigns Coordinator, RESULTS UK

Nicole Williams, Group Leader, Sheffield RESULTS Group


Hopeful campaigning in challenging times

Aaron Oxley, Executive Director, RESULTS UK


Global perspectives on campaigning during the COVID-19 pandemic

Eliza-Helen Ampomah, Campaigns Officer, RESULTS UK (Chair)

Rahab Mwaniki, Campaign Manager, KANCO, Kenya

Rhoda Owusu Ntim, Youth Leader for Health, Ghana


Cutting through the noise – Media and social media campaigning

Molly Anders, Development Engagement Lab (Chair)

Annabelle Roberts, Digital Campaigns Officer, Global Citizen

Kajal Odedra, Executive Director, Change.org 


Letter writing as gentle protest

Sarah Corbett, Founding Director, Craftivist Collective 


Examining power and privilege in international development

Soha Sudtharalingam, Co-chair, RESULTS UK Board of Trustees (Chair)

Guppi Bola, Co-founder, Decolonising Economics  

Kékéli Kpognon, Senior Human Rights Programme Officer, QCEA