On 30 October 2020, marking the end of our Black History Month activities at RESULTS UK, we welcomed Degan Ali, renowned expert in the localisation of humanitarian aid and food security to join us ‘in conversation’. Degan Ali has over twenty years’ experience in international development and is the Executive Director of Adeso, an African development and humanitarian NGO that changes the way people think about and deliver aid in Africa. Degan’s achievements include designing and overseeing the delivery of the first large-scale cash aid distribution programme implemented by an NGO rather than a government agency. She has also pioneered and championed market-based and dignified solutions to aid globally, allowing cash transfers to become a standard type of aid response.

Here, Degan speaks powerfully of her own experiences of racism and systemic oppression in the international aid system and in the power-structures that keep the people of many nations in poverty.

This video also features a live musical interlude! We were joined by Edith WeUtonga also known as #mhamhabass. Edith is an award-winning musician, actress and bassist. She fronts the band Utonga from Zimbabwe and has toured globally. Edith is currently studying for a Masters Music in Development with SOAS University of London. She is an artist who uses her music and theatre experience to campaign for global causes. Amongst others, she has worked with Doctors Without Borders Belgium on sexual health and Amari Consortium on mental health.