To mark this year’s UK Black History Month, RESULTS hosted an evening to celebrate some of the inspiring Black Leaders in the UK’s international development and human rights sector. 

We were thrilled to be joined by human rights and political activist Zainab Asunramu, founder and Director of The Advocacy Team, Lorriann Robinson, and Senior Manager of Global External Affairs at Brooke, Carine Bambara. The conversation was chaired by RESULTS UK’s brilliant trustee and The Wellcome Trust’s Insights and Learning Lead, Farrah Nazir, who explored panelists’ greatest successes and proudest moments of their careers so far. Panelists’ insights took us through the importance of having strong support networks, and the positive impact of nature on our mental health, as well as talking about the barriers we need to overcome in order to achieve a more representative and just development sector.

It was a real privilege to hear from four incredible women who shared their experiences so generously with our audience. 

You can find an audio recording of the event below.

(Screenshot from Zoom event- top left: Farrah, top right: Carine, bottom left: Lorriann, bottom right: Zainab)