Our 2022 February conference call provided great insight into the world of vaccine development. The Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI) is a global partnership to accelerate the development of vaccines against emerging infectious diseases and to enable equitable access to these vaccines during outbreaks. This was a new topic for a lot of our Grassroots network, and is often a topic which is shrouded in technical language and is quite the conundrum to wrap your head around! Our guest speakers Sally Girgis-Hjoberg, Senior Investor Relations Manager at CEPI, and Lorriann Robinson, Director of The Advocacy Team, who is leading the coordination of UK civil society advocacy on CEPI replenishment, were terrific at explaining the importance of CEPI’s work and why our advocacy on it matters.

To help keep the world safe from infectious disease threats and support CEPI in achieving its six-point plan, which includes reducing the vaccine development timeline to just 100 days, we’re calling on the UK to commit to spending £60 million per year for 5 years.

Take action now and call on the UK government to commit to supporting CEPI’s goals!

The recording of the call and links shared during it are below:


Links shared during the call:

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