Throughout autumn 2022, RESULTS UK hosted a series of training sessions to help advocates gain and develop skills and knowledge that will be applicable to their advocacy. The training was open to everyone and it was great to welcome a range of people to the sessions. If you weren’t able to attend, or would like a recap of the content of any of the sessions, check out this blog for resources, recordings and activity ideas. If you have any questions about the content, please contact us on [email protected].

Understanding nutrition and food security

This knowledge training session gave an overview of global malnutrition and its causes, and what advocacy is needed now to help develop robust food systems that take into account people’s right to adequate nutrition. It included a review of our nutrition advocacy so far, and a discussion on the grassroots advocacy needed to hold the UK Government to account on its pledges to tackling global malnutrition (the ‘Nutrition for Growth’ pledge) and increasing this support and funding in 2024. 

Slides used in the presentation are here, or watch the recording of the session below.

What is advocacy, and the RESULTS model of campaigning

This session helped attendees to gain an understanding about what advocacy is and how RESULTS aims to have influence on poverty and injustice. Watch the video below for a flavour of RESULTS UK’s Grassroots network, and try coming up with an imaginary advocacy plan using our activity

Creating positive and proactive advocacy groups

This session focussed on sharing ideas about fostering a positive atmosphere in RESULTS groups that encourages everyone to act and grow as advocates. In this session, we learnt together about how to plan and facilitate meetings and social activities effectively, and how and where to recruit and retain more members. 

Slides used in the presentation are here, or watch the recording of the session below.

Social media and blogs as effective advocacy tools

In this session, we went over the basics of social media and blogs, how and why they’re important advocacy tools, and ideas about what to post as a RESULTS advocate. This training goes alongside our new social media campaign guide and blog guide.

Advocating for global education

During the morning of our in-person training day, held in Manchester, we had an overview of global education advocacy and the importance of ensuring that all children gain foundational literacy and numeracy skills by the age of 10. This session compliments our new report ‘Foundations First: Maximising the UK’s Impact in Addressing the Learning Crisis‘ and the October 2022 campaign action on the learning crisis.

Taking your advocacy to the next level

During the afternoon of the in-person training day, we did some interactive activities together to map out our communities and potential allies, consider how and where we can have influence and build relationships, and increase the range of actions taken. 

Why not give it a go yourself with a community and influence mapping activity