The number of people living in extreme poverty in the world has halved in recent years. This is enormous progress – and UK aid and global leadership has played a powerful role. Despite the progress that has been made, further change isn’t inevitable, and with 16,000 children under five dying needlessly each day, there’s much more work still to do.

Can you join us in Westminster on the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty (17 October) to show MPs that there’s strong public support for continued action on global poverty?

For many people living in extreme poverty, basic infrastructure and services are still lacking, and inequality is increasing. Progress on the Global Goals is very mixed, and, on several of the goals, is far too slow. Much more effort and political will is needed to deliver the ambitions of the Goals.

Yet every week media headlines attack aid. They present a false choice, saying that we can’t help people at home if we help people abroad, and claim that the British public does not support development or aid spending. But we know this is a distorted picture.

There are many people, like you, who can testify with passion and knowledge to the importance of UK aid and development work. It could be because you have volunteered or worked overseas; or encountered people whose lives have been transformed by aid; or simply because you believe poverty is a scandal and want to live in a country prepared to do something about it. 

Join us!

This lobby day will bring together new and influential MPs with their constituents in Westminster to celebrate the impact of UK aid in tackling poverty. You’ll join other campaigners to show our support for aid which can transform lives in the poorest communities.

We’ll be starting off with a morning briefing in the Abbey Community Centre, Great Smith St, London, followed by an afternoon meeting with MPs in Portcullis House. To register and find out more, contact Naveed Chaudhri, [email protected], 0020 7793 3970