The RESULTS National Conference 2019 will address the important topic of how we respond to a changing world to make sure that international development efforts reach everyone, no matter where they live.

Well-spent international aid isn’t about giving hand-outs, but helping people create sustainable communities in which they can take control of their own futures. Many countries are becoming less dependent on aid, but far too many lives are still blighted by extreme poverty, insecurity and inequality. How can we reach those most in need?

It is vital that the progress we have made so far in ending extreme poverty isn’t reversed, and that no one is left behind. We all have a part to play in calling for a better world in which everyone can fulfil their potential. What’s your role? Come and find out!

The conference will be held on the weekend of 1-2 June 2019, with our usual Advocacy Day on Monday 3 June, when we will visit Whitehall and Westminster to make our voices heard!

Saturday sessions to include:

(10.30 – 11.15) Keynote speaker: Glen Tarman, Head of Global Advocacy at CARE International.

(11.30 – 12.30) Why help overcome poverty? Moral and economic imperatives for poverty reduction

(1.30 – 2.30) Bringing global justice to life: Communicating development issues to new audiences

(2.45 – 3.45) A vital foundation: Why is nutrition a vital part of achieving Universal Health Coverage

(4.00 – 5.00) Leaving no one behind: What does it actually mean?


(10.00 – 11.00) RESULTS Review of the year

(11.15 – 12.15) A look forward: What do we want to see in the world? 

(1.30 – 2.30) All our voices: Breaking the silence from the Global South.

(2.45 – 3.45) Common ground: How can we find what we share rather than be divided by our differences?

(4.15 – 5.00) Advocacy day logistical briefing


(08.00 – 4.00) Advocacy Day – Make your voices heard! 

Speakers announced so far:

  • Glen Tarman – Head of Global Advocacy at CARE International, former organiser of the Make Poverty History campaign
  • Liz McKean, Campaigns and Policy Director, War on Want
  • Dr. Ola Abú Al Ghaib – Director of Global Influencing and Research, Leonard Cheshire Disability
  • Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera – Head of Nutrition at Action Against Hunger
  • Jonathan Harty – Great Get Together Campaign Manager at the Jo Cox Foundation
  • Fadhili Maghiya -Director, Sub-Sahara Advisory Panel and curator, Watch-Africa
  • Dr. Delan Devakumar – Associate Professor in Child and Adolescent Health in the UCL Institute for Global Health and an Honorary Consultant in Public Health
  • Lauren Tapp – Campaign Communicator, Health Poverty Action
  • Lis Wallace – UK Policy & Advocacy Manager, The ONE Campaign
  • Dr. Sylvia Anie – Head of Policy Advocacy, RESULTS UK and formerly, Director of Social Transformations at the Commonwealth Secretariat
  • Robert Verrecchia, medical doctor and public health expert
  • His Excellency Dr Kevin M Isaac – High Commissioner, St. Kitts and Nevis
  • Abha Thorat-Shah – Executive Director of Social Finance, The British Asian Trust

More info to come!