International Development in a changing world


RESULTS UK is holding its annual National Conference on the weekend of the 11-13th June at Resource for London, Holloway Road in London. Over the weekend of the 11-13th of June, leading thinkers, campaigners and practitioners will come together to debate the hottest topics in international development.

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Saturday 11th June

The world is changing. The UK Government has a new aid strategy focusing on the national interest and security. Possible Brexit looms. And there are ever louder voices challenging the UK’s international development spending. How can we ensure that the Global Goals are successful in leaving no one behind? And what should be the focus of international development efforts when migration, the economy and security are on people’s minds?

Discussion Topics: 

How can and should international development be done differently to meet new challenges?

A changing world brings new opportunities as well as challenges.  Who are the development actors of the future and what should they be doing? Introduction by RESULTS UK’s Executive Director Aaron Oxley.

The role of the UK in international development in a rapidly changing world 

New challenges make it necessary to question traditional international development approaches. Security and migration, increasingly fragile states, a changing global economy, and vulnerability to climate change all require new solutions. What is the UK’s role and interest in international development? Keynote speeech by Kirsty McNeill, Executive Director of Policy, Advocacy and Campaigns, Save the Children UK.

Beyond aid: economic growth and the end of poverty by 2030

Providing economic opportunities for all will require that economic growth be made to work for the poorest, in order to ‘leave no one behind’. What are the roles of the private sector, governments and institutions in ending poverty by 2030? Speakers include: Amy Dodd, Director of UK Aid Network; Tina Bytheway, RESULTS UK trusteee; Ewan Livingston, Advocacy Advisor, ActionAid; Aparna Barua, Senior Advocacy Officer, Sabin Foundation Europe; Luqman Ahmad, Practice Director, Inclusive Economic Growth, Adam Smith International.

Reducing vulnerability to growing climate risks

How can we can help increase communities’ resilience to climate shocks, especially for the most marginalised and most vulnerable? What role do financial instruments have alongside other forms of climate mitigation? Speakers include: Stewart McCulloch, Global Insurance Director at VisionFund; Swenja Surminski, Grantham Institute, LSE; Camilla Born, E3G.

Doing development differently: A new approach to tackling poverty 

Helping the world’s most vulnerable people will involve new partnerships for development and new ways of working. But what does this mean in practice? Speakers include: Jordan Junge, Programme and Project Manager at Six; Hannah Cameron, Policy and Advocacy Officer, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation; Onyekachi Wambu, Director, Engagement and Policy, AFFORD; Priya Madina, Director, Government Affairs, Global Issues, GSK.

Moral obligation and the national interest: What should UK aid money be spent on? 

Overseas development aid is more controversial than ever before. Should we spend more on the UK’s national security, settle more refugees in the UK, or do more to tackle corruption? What is the moral case for aid and where does our national interest lie? Speakers include: Sara Harcourt, Policy Director of Development Finance at ONE Campaign; Richard Stanforth, Regional Policy Officer, Oxfam; Aisha Dodwell, Campaigns and Policy Officer, Global Justice Now; Bibi van der Zee, Editor, Global Development Professionals Network. 

Sunday 12th June

Attending the conference is one of the best ways to experience RESULTS in action, meet other activists from around the country, sharpen your advocacy skills, and share your successes.

You’ll hear about what campaigning with RESULTS has achieved in the last year, and have the chance to attend in-depth training in campaigning techniques:

  • Mapping your sphere of influence
  • Advocacy skillshare
  • Powerful storytelling to win over your audience
  • Tools to maximise your influence
  • Influencing using the local media
  • Reaching out with social media

Monday 13th June

Putting your skills into practice! We’ve arranged meetings in Parliament and at the Department for International Development in Whitehall, where you’ll be able to put your points directly to the decision-makers who shape and implement Government policy on the topics you care about. We’ll make sure you are fully briefed.

Tickets are available for all or part of the weekend. We can support a limited number of attendees with bursaries – do get in touch.