Knowledge: Global malnutrition.
Do you want to gain, or develop, your advocacy skills and knowledge?

This autumn, we are running a training programme to help RESULTS Grassroots advocates, and anyone interested in advocacy, to brush up on their skills and knowledge. This training programme is free to attend, open to everyone and flexible – just sign up for the sessions you’d like to join. To get the most out of it, we recommend attending at least one ‘knowledge’ session and two ‘skills’ sessions.


Join this online knowledge training session to gain an overview of global malnutrition and its causes, and what advocacy is needed now to help develop robust food systems that take into account people’s right to adequate nutrition. This session will include a review of our nutrition advocacy so far, and a discussion on the grassroots advocacy needed to hold the UK Government to account on its pledges to tackling global malnutrition (the ‘Nutrition for Growth’ pledge) and increasing this support and funding in 2024.