Education counts

Education is vital to ensure that children grow up to be independent and productive members of society, able to look after themselves and their families. Yet in too many lower income countries, children don’t have access to even a basic education, and as things stand, the world will not meet Global Goal 4 (“ensuring inclusive and quality education for all”) this century.

With a shortfall of $39 billion annually and inequality in access to education rising, it is the most marginalised and vulnerable that are left behind, particularly girls, children with disabilities and those caught up in crises.

Toward the end of this year, the world community will come together to pledge its support for the Global Partnership for Education (GPE), a critically important multilateral body through which many global education programmes are funded. A strong UK funding commitment is needed to help ensure that GPE can reach its target when it is decided later in the year.

The UK has been the leading contributor to GPE since its establishment, and since the last GPE replenishment in June 2014, the UK has given it £210 million. Much more is needed from donors in order to reach Global Goal 4 by 2030, and the UK and other donors must place a much higher level of priority on education.

This month, we are asking you to arrange to meet with your MP to explain the vital importance of education for overcoming poverty and achieving the Global Goals. Please explain the importance of the Global Partnership for Education, and ask if they will be willing to support our campaign for a strong UK replenishment.

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