6th October 2019

While acknowledging exceptional progress on global health, RESULTS remains concerned that progress is stalling or not happening fast enough in many critical areas of health. Further, global approaches to health frequently miss out the underlying cause of over 45% of all child deaths and many more issues throughout the lifecourse – undernutrition. 

With a number of health financing moments in 2019 and 2020, where Global Fund, the GPEI, Gavi and the Nutrition for Growth Summit are all looking for new UK commitments, Brick by Brick sets out how the UK can tackle poor health, as both a cause and symptom of poverty. Only by considering all of these health partnerships as part of a single structure, and by ensuring they are all fully financed, can we ensure no one is left behind and we achieve UHC.

Brick by brick cover image
Image: Nicholas Axelrod/RUOM/Results UK