In the coming months, Health Ministers and Heads of State at the G7 and G20 will be discussing antimicrobial resistance  (AMR) and the position of tuberculosis within it. In addition to being the world’s leading infectious killer, TB is one of the world’s leading drug-resistant threats. It is responsible for one-in-three deaths from AMR and is the only major airborne form of AMR.

Tackling the complexities of TB R&D will require a comprehensive mechanism with high level political backing through the G20. This year, the German G20 presidency provides the opportunity for truly global action, building on commitments from 2016, to make possible the development of those new drugs that could help save millions of lives for generations to come. In an incredible act of solidarity, the TB community has come together with 84 organisations and 112 individuals signing on to the letter below to G20 Heads of State, Ministers of Health and Ministers of Finance, urging the G20 to seize this opportunity by giving this deadly disease the political attention it deserves.