22 year old cobbler Boars (left) sits with his community health worker Stanislaus outside his shop.
22 year old Boars (left) sits outside his cobbler shop with Stanislaus, his community health worker. Image: Rachael Hore

This report aims to define what provision of TB services in “the context of progress towards UHC” looks like in practice, and to what extent the recognition of the co-dependency of ending TB and achieving UHC at international fora like the UN and WHO translates to action at ground level.

It defines an essential set of services that would both help to make the TB response “universal” and help to make the TB response contribute to the achievement of UHC more broadly.

The report argues that, when done deliberately and well, investing in people-centred TB services builds every element of UHC. Ending TB and building UHC are not competing goals: they are deeply and inherently complementary.

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