Overcoming the resistance

The first opportunity after the General Election for the Prime Minister to demonstrate leadership on international development will be at the G20 Leader’s Summit in Hamburg in July. This is a unique chance to put drug-resistant TB at the heart of the world’s response to antimicrobial resistance (AMR).

The world is waking up to the threat that drug resistance poses to our ability to fight infectious diseases. The G20 Summit will include discussions on how to enable research and development into new approaches to address AMR. This means that the summit is an unmissable opportunity to launch the next phase of our ‘The Drugs Don’t Work’ campaign. Please contact your MP, congratulating them on their election, and asking them if they will sign up to a joint letter from MPs to the Prime Minister, urging her to ensure that G20 leaders agree to put research and development of new treatments for drug-resistant TB at the heart of their response to AMR.

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