9th May 2022


In 2021, amidst the turbulence of a troubled world, RESULTS UK celebrated its 35th anniversary. It was a year which required us to find new ways to create change on the issues we care about, and it was ever-more important to us that our methods also embodied our values.

Several of our funders have recognised this and have increased their investments so that we can confront the challenges we see in global health, education and nutrition. Our work on COVID vaccine equity is challenging rich countries’ prejudiced approach to vaccine donations and manufacturing, and we are advocating for renewed investments of £60 million per year for the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI). A grant on foundational literacy and numeracy means we’ve been able to scale up our work on education, alongside our hosted organisations.

However, we were on the defensive for some of our campaigning efforts. We fought unsuccessfully against the capping of the UK Official Development Assistance (ODA) budget at 0.5% of Gross National Income, although we were pleased to see that Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance will receive its full commitment of £1.65 billion. In other areas, such as the UK pledge to the Global Partnership for Education, and for nutrition, we got less than was asked for. We’re nevertheless proud of campaigners around the country for writing letters, meeting with MPs and being articulate, passionate advocates for a world without poverty.

We are changing how we advocate and seek to have influence. For example, we ran our first virtual parliamentary delegation in partnership with KANCO in Kenya. We are also deepening our commitment to our anti-oppression values in the campaigning we do, by running a training day for grassroots campaigners on inclusive and creative campaigning, and making our voice heard within the sector on the ethics of development advocacy.

We are proud that after seven years of hosting the TB Europe Coalition (TBEC), they are now established independently in the Netherlands and Ukraine. Our relationship and commitment to our advocacy partnership remains.

In 2022, we will start a promising new chapter with a new Executive Director, as Aaron Oxley is handing over his role after 13 years. We are grateful for the depth of relationships which he has developed and the impact which RESULTS UK has had under his charismatic leadership, but are nevertheless excited for our future as we strive to enhance our efficacy yet further in this politically volatile era.

Read our 2021 Annual Report to find out more about what we achieved in the fight against global poverty, and what we have built on through the momentous challenges of 2021 and beyond.