Answers on a postcard, please! 

Thanks to you, many MPs have been active supporters of international development this year so far. Whether they urged Theresa May to prioritise TB at the G20, became a polio champion, or wrote to Priti Patel about education, it is always powerful to acknowledge their contributions to our campaigns. Together, you’ve been making a real difference to the lives of the world’s poorest and most marginalised people.  

But with 263 million young people currently out of school worldwide and 1 in 10 infants missing out on vaccinations, we know there’s lots more still to do to create a more equal world and to ensure no one is left behind. Good quality overseas aid, focused on poverty reduction, will be a vital part of achieving this goal.

With a number of attacks on the aid budget in the national press in recent months, it’s now more important than ever that MPs hear directly from you about why you’re proud of what international aid achieves. Reminding your MP that there is firm support in their constituency for Britain’s world-leading international development efforts will give them the mandate they need to stand up for UK aid in Parliament.  

Why not send your MP a postcard, thanking them for their support this year and letting them know why you want championing good quality UK aid to be at the top of their agenda after the summer recess.

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