spreading festive cheer for a sustainable future

In 2015, the world agreed to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), a “shared blueprint for peace and prosperity for the people and the planet”. The 17 Goals, to be achieved by 2030, set out a vision for the world we want to see – from protecting the environment to ending poverty and hunger, and from ensuring everyone has access to health and education services to promoting gender equality.

But we are a long way off track, and unless there is a big increase in political will to deliver these changes, the Goals will remain just a dream. This means that the public need to know about the Goals now and  encourage their elected representatives to do all they can to achieve them. Campaigners for global justice therefore need to promote the Goals in communities around the UK between now and 2030, to put pressure on the Government to do all it can to make the Goals a reality.

This festive season, why not give people in your community something meaningful to do to help build a fairer and more sustainable world?

  • Check out this campaigners’ guide on how to have effective conversations and organise street stalls. It’s always good to ask the person you are talking to what they think.
  • We have put together a pack of resources which you can use at your stall. Either print them out at home, at your local printer (and claim back expenses) or order them with us and we will send them to you per post. 
  • Check out these SDG graphics & fact sheets for a visual way to start conversations about the Goals and why they matter.
  • Use these action Christmas cards as a way for local people to think about which Goals they care about and influence politicians to do something about it! Ask them to write something on the back like “For Christmas I want…[an end to poverty/ quality education for all/ sustainable cities]”
  • Use these children’s activities as info cards for them to learn about the SDGs and colouring in sheets and christmas cards – A way for children to get involved and show why they care too – and to keep them busy while you talk to the parents!!
  • Have a QR code page printed out on your stall to enable people to donate and subscribe to Results!

If you have any questions about promoting the SDGs in your community, or need any support with organising your event, get in touch with the Campaigns Team at Results and we will be happy to help. We are able to contribute to the costs of stall hire and printing – if this is something that might help, contact us sooner rather than later!

Let us know what you have done! Contact Aurora Basso, Campaigns Coordinator, [email protected]. We would love to see photos of your event!

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